Mojo. Be present.

Our team wanted to support life, in the moment. That's why Mojo was designed to provide a balanced energy lift, increased ease of focus, heightened mental sharpness and finding fulfilment in the day-to-day.

Mood Boosters

Dialed up enjoyment, because happy people are healthier! With strengthened immune systems, they can heal faster and can increase life expectancy. Mojo’s formula supports a fulfilled, balanced and improved mood.

Balanced Bioenergy

More than just energy. Mojo has a small amount of caffeine and other naturally derived active ingredients that are introduced slower and more precisely. This delivers the right amount of energy to feel balanced and focused over a 6-8hr period. No jitters or crashes.

Cognitive Enhancers

For that little bit more sharpness of mind you may be looking for. Mojo soft chews include select mushroom and plant-based nootropics that improve memory, abstract thinking, reaction speed and thinking capabilities.

Mushroom Power

We packed Mojo with powerful functional mushrooms including the rare Cordyceps Sinensis, Cordyceps Militaris, and Lions Mane that reduce fatigue and sharpen cognitive skills through increased neuroplasticity. Read more on these in our Science FAQ.

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