How many Mojo Soft Chews should I take?

Every body is different, so start slow and see what works for you. For your first dose, take one (1) chew and slowly increase until you’ve reached your desired effect. We recommend no more than 6 chews in a 12 hour period, and remember to drink plenty of water during your Mojo journey!

If you feel overt effects, some folks find even taking a half is plenty for them. It's all about experimenting and tuning in to what works best for you.

How often should I take Mojo?

Our recommended routine is to take your preferred dosage for 5 days straight, then take 2 days off. Taking a day off can help your body remain sensitive to the bioactive ingredients, so that you don’t build up a tolerance and continue to experience the benefits.

Mojo's ingredients also lend themselves to both short-term and long-term benefits, due to the active compounds and adaptogenic quality of many ingredients. So continuous use can benefit your body's health similar to taking daily vitamins and minerals.

Are your products legal?

Yes. Every ingredient we use is completely legal, and most of them you could find in a specialty grocery store.

There’s some confusion between functional mushrooms and psychedelic (“magic”) mushrooms, but they’re not the same: psychedelic mushrooms contain psilocybin, while functional mushrooms do not contain any psychedelic compounds nor do they cause any psychedelic effects.

Are Mojo Soft Chews cruelty free?

Yes, and we use 100% vegan ingredients.

Do you use mushroom fruiting bodies or mycelium in Mojo?

Our blend across the 3 types of mushrooms used includes both the fruiting body of the mushroom, (72%) which is the part you can see above ground, and the mycelium, (28%) which are like the roots of a mushroom. There's some debate about which part of the mushroom contains more bioactive compounds and offers the most potent benefits, but our research indicates that consistent cultivation and analysis are more important, and we've dialed in a ratio and sourced the suppliers that deliver the optimal benefits.

What are functional (medicinal) mushrooms?

There’s some confusion between functional mushrooms and psychedelic (“magic”) mushrooms, but they’re not the same: psychedelic mushrooms contain psilocybin, while functional mushrooms do not contain any psychedelic compounds nor do they cause any psychedelic effects.

Functional mushrooms (such as Lion's Mane & Cordyceps) are a class of mushrooms with exceptional benefits to the functional health of humans, such as being antiviral, antibacterial, immune boosting, neuroregenerative and much more, depending on the type.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are compounds commonly found in nature, or synthesized in a lab, that have an active effect on brain function in healthy people. They have a range of effects, and can turn up motivation, creativity, alertness, memory, and general cognitive function. Mojo includes a number of natural nootropic compounds.

What's the big deal with adaptogens?

“Adaptogens” have generated a lot of buzz over the past few years. In general, they refer to natural ingredients rich in the potent compounds that support complex bodily functions. Many of the functional mushrooms, herbs, and roots we use in Mojo are all considered adaptogenic. They’re ingredients that have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and have more recently been studied with rigorous clinical expertise. Each one has been carefully selected to help our bodies counteract modern stress and optimize mental performance.

Is Mojo scientifically-backed?

Yes. Over a decade of scientific research, both in the lab and in self-trials, led to our proprietary formula. The use of functional mushrooms and other bioactive ingredients are also backed up by clinical trials and peer-reviewed studies, and our in-house science team regularly consults third-party research in our development process.

What does Mojo taste like?

Each chew has a bright, tangy strawberry-tangerine flavor, and the texture is more like a fruit snack, and less like a gummy bear. Picky eaters rejoice: they don’t taste like mushrooms.

How should Mojo be stored? Does it expire?

Your chews will harden if exposed to air, so keep them sealed in their bag, and they’ll remain fresh for up to 12 months.

Keep your Mojo in a cool, dark, dry place, and keep the pouch sealed airtight whenever it's in storage. Light, heat, and moisture can all affect the potency of the formula and the stability of the chews. The best way to store your Mojo is in the resealable pouch, in a cabinet or drawer that won't get too hot. We don't recommend putting them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Are Mojo Soft Chews plant-based?

Our formula is 100% vegan, however the slow release caffeine included in our formula is synthetically derived, so we are not 100% plant-based.

Are Mojo Soft Chews Kosher?

Our chews are 100% vegan, therefore kosher friendly.

Are Mojo Soft Chews keto-friendly?

While we don’t cater our formulas to any specific diet for now, we know and love that the keto community is invested in their own productivity. We’ve worked hard to decrease the carbohydrates in our chews, and they’re currently under 2 grams per serving, meaning we’re keto friendly!

Is Mojo certified organic?

Not at the moment, but we're working toward achieving organic certification in the future.


Will Mojo give me a psychedelic experience?

No. It does not contain psilocybin or any other psychedelic compounds. In our lab, we reverse-engineered a blend of compounds that combine in harmony to mimic the experience of a microdose (presence, energy, focus, clarity, motivation) through completely legal ingredients, including functional mushrooms and other potent botanicals and herbs.

How will Mojo make me feel?

Mojo is designed to induce a flow state similar to a microdose. Through a combined intended senation of elevated mood, increased focus, a sense of clarity, motivation, calm and a subtle energizing effect. (without the jitters or crash of other products!)

For those that don't feel this, try a larger dose, up to 3 Mojo for those who are quite tolerant to the bioactive ingredients. If you still feel no effects - which does happen for a small amount of people, reach on out to us and let us know! We will soon be releasing an increased strength Mojo, and you could be a tester or one of the first to receive these.

Will the caffeine in Mojo keep me up at night?

Any product that includes caffeine could keep you awake, and Mojo is no different. However, we use a delayed-released caffeine that won't cause jitters or anxiety — but we still advise against taking a full Mojo any later than you'd consume your last cup of coffee/tea/energy enhancer for the day.

What do the chews look like?

They look like other chewable supplements, like a gummy vitamin, but with more of a natural fruit chew appearance because they're made with pectin to provide a tasty and vegan experience. They're approximately the size of a dime and have a scarlet red color.

What are the active ingredients in Mojo?

There's no single active ingredient. Our science and research backed formula is a symphony of bioactive compounds working together. Check out our product details for the full list and their effects.

How long does a Mojo dose last?

For most people, the effects of a Mojo chew will remain active for 5 to 8 hours. The peak flow state should begin about an hour after the first dose, and last for around four hours. After that, you may notice a subtle, pleasant afterglow until your body fully metabollizes the ingredients. For most people, there's no crash, but if you're particularly sensitive to caffeine or gingseng, we recommend starting with a half dose. Want it to peak a little longer and feel more flow through the day, we recommend taking a second dose (at your preferred quantity) about 2 hours after the first dose.

Can I consume Mojo while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Though we only use safe, legal ingredients in Mojo, there is no established safe dosage for Mojo or the individual ingredients. We recommend people who are pregnant or breastfeeding consult their primary care physicians or provider before trying Mojo.

How do I get rid of a Mojo experience?

If you find that the effects of a single dose are too intense, trying hydrating and switching to a relaxing, slow-paced activity to help settle your mind.

What about Mojo & SSRI's?

SSRI's will not cancel out the effects of the Mojo chews. However, our product does contain SAM-e, which literature shows can have interactions with SSRI's, however the amount that we use is nearly 5x lower than what is thought to cause potential interactions. In the case of any concerns we always recommend consulting your primary care provider, and starting with smaller doses.


What are your shipping times?

Your order will typically take 3-7 days for U.S shipping and between 2-4 weeks for Canada orders.

However, these are subject to the demand and operations of our partnering carriers such as USPS. We do our best to offer good shipment times at affordable prices for our customers, however carriers can experience delays, mishandles, or losses.

We will do our best to make sure these issues are resolved quickly for our customers when they do happen!

Please reach out to us should any issues arise!

Where can I buy Mojo?

It’s available on our website, and ships anywhere within the United States, and now most provinces in Canada. We are starting to be stocked in some retail locations around the U.S. Keep an eye out for our updated stockist lists!

How much can I order at once?

As much as you want! Once exposed to air, the chews will harden, but they're shelf-stable for up to a year when properly stored.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once you've placed your order, it's immediately sent to our fulfillment center for processing, so it cannot be edited. If you'd like more chews, you can place a second order, or if you'd like to cancel it entirely, you can contact support and they'll do their best to cancel the order before it leaves our facility. Generally fulfilment occurs within 2-24 hrs, so if we can cancel it we will, and we will honour refunds up to 72 hours after an order is placed.

Can my order be delivered to my workplace?

Sure! Feel free to enter your work address at checkout.

Do you ship overseas?

No. Right now, Mojo is available in the continental US and most provinces in Canada. We hope to ship internationally further in the future.

How do subscriptions work?

We offer a subscription option, so that you can automatically refill your Mojo stash without placing a new order every time. Once you add a pack to your cart, you can select the "subscription" option and choose either a 2-week or 4-week refill schedule. When you check out, we'll create an account with your email so you can manage your subscription through our partner, Skio.

Can I gift a subscription?

Sure can! Select "subscription" when you check out, and make sure to set your recipient's address in the delivery field.

Can I cancel a subscription order?

Yes. You can cancel your order before the recurring subscription charge occurs. Customers will receive notifications 3 days before their subscription renews via text or email. Once your order has been processed, we can no longer cancel or otherwise modify it. We will, however, process a refund when you return the order back to us within 30 days! For any assistance or concerns regarding this, please reach out to us at mojo@gwellamushrooms.com!

How do I cancel or modify my subscription?

When you set up your subscription for the first time, you'll also create an account. You'll be able to access your account by clicking on the "ACCOUNT" link at the top of our homepage. Here, you can edit the frequency of your order, delay, skip, or cancel. You'll also get email notifications before each charge. If you are facing any challenges, please reach out through the chatbot on our website or send us an email at mojo@gwellamushrooms.com.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. If you’d like to sell Mojo in your store, contact us for wholesale pricing at retail@gwellamushrooms.com

How do I contact your sales team for a wholesale order?

Reach out to retail@gwellamushrooms.com with a few details about your business, and our team will set up a call if there's a potential fit.

Can I sell your products on my own website or in my own shop?

It's possible! Reach out to retail@gwellamushrooms.com with a few details about your business, and our team will set up a call if there's a potential fit.

What is the recommended retail price of Mojo?

The MSRP is the same as our direct-to-consumer price: $29.99 for a 20-count pack, or $9.99 for a 5-count pack.

Do you offer samples?

Gladly! We offer samples for media and press affiliates. Please email press@gwellamushrooms.com and we'll send you a sample.

Can we feature you in our publication / online?

For all press or media inquiries, email press@gwellamushrooms.com.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do! You can join our affiliate program by following this link. (<click "link")

Do you accept product reviews?

Yes, we love to hear what you think about Mojo - but only from verified customers. A couple of weeks after you place an order, we'll send an email requesting a review, so that you have time to experience the effects.

Are you hiring?

Visit gwellamushrooms.com and check out our careers page for our latest job postings!

Can I have Mojo at my upcoming event?

For all press or media inquiries, email press@gwellamushrooms.com.

I have a press/business/partnership inquiry, who should I get in touch with?

For all press or media inquiries, email press@gwellamushrooms.com.

I have a personal/weird/scientific question and want to talk to a real person about it.

We'd love to hear it. Send us an email at mojo@gwellamushrooms.com.

Can I be sponsored by Mojo?

If you're looking for a more serious partnership, apply for our influencer program (<click here) and we'll be in touch.


What is Gwella?

Gwella is the company behind Mojo! We are a team of scientists, mushroom enthusiasts, and product builders. We work together in creating meaningful impact throughout the wellness and psychedelic space. Our passion comes from a collective 30+ years of mushroom growing, cultivation, and personal use. We understand them and we have been building our own health and wellness solutions for many years.

Where is Gwella located?

Gwella is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has satellite offices in USA and UK.

How do I find out more information about Gwella?

Visit our website to learn more about our mission and education around psychedelics.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of taking nearly-impercetible doses of a compound or ingredient to achieve a consistent, subtle effect. Most people are familiar with microdosing in the psychedelic context, an experience that inspired Mojo. However, Mojo doesn't have any psychedelic ingredients. Instead, it mimics the microdose with legal ingredients to improve mood, focus, energy, creavity, and patience.

Are mushrooms addictive?

No. There are no habit-forming effects in mushrooms, psychedlic or otherwise.

How does Mojo compare to cannabis edibles?

Mojo doesn't contain any THC, CBD, or any other cannabis-derived compounds. Anecdotally, the mood-boosting effects of a Mojo chew might resemble the energetic feeling of a sativa-dominant edible, but at a much subtler level.

Can I share Mojo with minors?

Though we only use safe, legal ingredients in Mojo, we don't recommend anyone under the age of 18 take it, as the formula includes caffeine which may contribute to negative health outcomes for people that young.