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Can I change or cancel my Mojo order?

Once you've placed your order, it's immediately sent to our fulfillment center for processing, so it cannot be edited. If you'd like more gummies, you can place a second order, or if you'd like to cancel it entirely, you can contact support and they'll do their best to cancel the order before it leaves our facility. Generally

fulfilment occurs within 2-24 hrs, so if we can cancel it we will. If a customer order is shipped to an incorrect address due to customer error, unfortunately a refund or re-ship will be considered but not guaranteed.

Where can I buy Mojo?

It’s available on our website, and ships anywhere within the Mainland United States, most provinces in Canada, and more countries globally excluding Spain and Mexico.

We are starting to be stocked in some retail locations (e.g. Vapor Maven and Urban Outfitters) around the U.S. To find a store close to you, click here! Also, many digital marketplaces like Amazon!

Can I order Mojo to my workplace?

Sure! Feel free to enter your work address at checkout.

Can I travel with Mojo?

Absolutely! Mojo does not contain magic mushrooms due to legal regulations. With that said, there are other specifically chosen functional/medicinal mushrooms (3 types) as well as a variety of other bioactive ingredients, whose effects all come together very precisely to mimic the effects of a microdose in your mental and physical state - a dialled-in increase of energy, focus, mental clarity, and improved feelings of positivity.

The difference between us and other products is the amount and type of bioactives combined to provide the symphony of effects, versus having to get all of them separately and determine the optimal amount on your own of all these different actives.

What are current shipping times?

Your order will typically take 3-7 days for U.S shipping, between 2-5 days for Canada orders, and 2-4 weeks for international orders. However, these are subject to the demand and operations of our partnering carriers.

We do our best to offer good shipment times at affordable prices for our customers, however carriers can experience delays, mishandles, or losses. We will do our best to make sure these issues are resolved quickly for our customers when they do happen!

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Mojo is now available internationally through our partners at shop.mayple!

Do I pay duties or customs to ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not cover this cost for international customers.

If you ever experience an issue or charge for this please reach out to our support and we will see what we can do!

For our further international customers, the duties and customs paid through shop.mayple is designated by their shipping relationship.

What is Mojo shipped in?

Your Mojo will arrive to you in either a post-consumer recycled bubble mailer, or regular brown shipping box.

What are insured and uninsured shipping options?

At checkout, if given the option for insured or uninsured shipping, by selecting insured shipping, you are accepting that a tracking code which will be included in your purchase order confirmation communications. In the event of an order mishap (delayed shipping, lost order, wrong delivery), the tracking number that will be provided to you and then provided to customer success will enable support from Mojo’s customer success team to find a suitable solution for the incorrect shipping activity. 

If uninsured shipping is selected, unfortunately the lack of tracking code will limit the support available. Customer success may not be able to refund, reship, or locate your missing order as a result. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact support@mojomicrodose.com for further support if you find yourself in this situation and we'll do our best to help you!

How do Mojo subscriptions work?

We offer a subscription option, so that you can automatically refill your Mojo stash without placing a new order every time.

Once you add the number of packs to your cart, you can select the "subscription" option and choose either a monthly subscription or a 3-month prepay supply and you can customize whatever frequency you prefer once you're signed up. When you check out, we'll create an account with your email so you can manage your subscription. To access your subscription, you can also click here!

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

When you set up your subscription for the first time, you'll also create an account. Sign in (click here) on the Mojo website and you'll receive an access code to your email or phone to access your customer portal. Here, you can pause, edit the frequency of your subscription, delay, skip, or cancel. You'll also get email notifications before each charge.

If you are having any challenges here, you can reach out through the chatbot on our website or email support@mojomicrodose.com

Can I cancel a subscription order?

Yes. As long as you delay or cancel your order at least three business days before the recurring subscription charge occurs, you can pause, cancel or skip an individual order. Once your order has been processed (fulfilled), however, we can no longer cancel or otherwise modify it. Click here to access your account!

Can I gift a Mojo subscription?

Sure can! Select "subscription" when you check out, and make sure to set your recipient's address in the delivery field.

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