Huge Holiday
to-do list?🎄 

Stay calm & get ready to check it off with Mojo's Holiday Get it Done challenge!

What is Mojo?

The all-in-one Gummy designed to slay procrastination, 
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Be your best self during the holidays

Be Happy and Calm

Our ingredients support the production of Nerve Growth Factor, which helps your neurons grow and thrive long-term while boosting your cognition.

Be Energized & Focused

Slip into a flow state with ease. Mojo will help you get in the zone and stay there, melting away distractions and leaving you totally absorbed in the task at hand.

Be Productive

Improved focus, improved performance. Our gummies are a great companion for busy workdays, crunch-time study sessions, or whenever you need to be dialed in.

Be Clear

Knock out your to-do list with a sharp mind. From social events to spring cleaning, clear away brain fog and step into your day with confidence.

The Holidays are chock full of challenges

But this one’s a little different. Instead of pushing you to your limit, Mojo’s Get it Done challenge is designed to help you overcome the choas. As a participant, you’ll get a week’s supply of gummies so you can…

Buy all your gifts 

Plan your parties

Put the decorations up

Get through the Q4 work hustle

Write all your cards

Plan your Christmas menu

Build your kids toys

Create your plan for 2023

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Here’s how this is going to work

Send over your contact information

Once you’re approved, we’ll ship your free Mojo

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Join thousands of doers and go-getters

  • “Whenever I feel my focus start to slip, or I find myself feeling lazy or distracted, I snack on one of these little guys. Within minutes, the fog lifts and I’m able to snap out of it. I wish I would have had access to these years ago”

  • “Love the concentration lasting more than an hour. Having a choice of tastes is wonderful. Am giving them to friends to give them a non medicinal way to stay awake without shakes or crashing down.”

  • “I am thoroughly impressed with the results of using the gummies. My work productivity has increased, and my overall mood and workflow have remained balanced and consistent.”

  • “I have ADHD and take adderall. Every day I'm always left feeling super groggy and just not "there" mentally. Since taking these supplements for the past week I've finished my work day feeling refreshed and ready to attack the rest of my day.“

  • “I LOVE these so much!! I have ADHD and these seem to help a lot with emotional regulation and mood.”

Feel more energized, productive
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Ready to get it done?

We’re all in this together.